System house and specialist dealer

enverque GmbH is a system house for the healthcare sector and a specialist dealer for laboratory supplies / medical devices. Enverque supports you in the planning, (expansion) construction of laboratories and healthcare facilities and with a full supply of laboratory supplies and medical materials through our warehouse in Duisburg in Germany / EU countries and our bonded warehouse at Frankfurt Airport international.

A strong association

Enverque is a company and a brand of the Berlin Holding Brosnan Norden GmbH. In the healthcare division, it operates laboratories and clinics under the enverque brand and invests in selected biotechnology companies.

Thus, enverque is embedded in a network of companies with specific expertise in the respective specialist areas. This proximity to operational practice as well as research and development gives the enverque GmbH team knowledge and a unique proximity to the market and developments in chemistry, diagnostics, biotechnology and life science. That is why we know the needs of our specialist areas very well and we maintain proven or actively shape innovation through our actions as a partner to our customers.

Diagnostics: the key to health

A good diagnosis always precedes a good therapy. It is our mission to always have our finger on the pulse of developments in diagnostics in order to meet the growing demands on more individualized medicine and to be able to guarantee rapid responsiveness to challenges such as those required in the recent pandemic.

From human to human

Using effective, digitized processes, we offer you fast processing and the greatest possible convenience for your orders. At the same time, we know how important competent, committed advice is. Therefore, we always provide you with a personal contact person. We look forward to your call or personal address by email.

Individual services

Our experts will be happy to advise you when it comes to planning your project and implementing it technically. We look forward to your task!